Art of Living Life as “I” intend it To “Be” “You”.

Which way do you look to the past for answers to the present? There are 2 ways to look @ the past. 1. From the present (as the present) threw to the past. 2.From that past moving forward to the present. Maybe there is From the present to the beginning to the present?

Does the Future come about because of our past?

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“Holy Cow” Discovered in Martinsville Indiana- 2014 The year of Us All

donnie harold harris

Well sir it happened Like this. I got lost down there in Martinsville ;so i stopped and asked a cow for Directions-Now you know i am From Fountain Square-But I was pretty sure it was a cow-When all I did was asked Whats your name? He looked me dead in the Eye and said    COW…HOLLY  COW ..I eased back into my truck and got the HELL out of there. Last thing I wanted to do today was to be preached at by a Religious Cow…An would some one tell me please.Just how long have cows had horns?

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