Life is Living Mechanics-Eli lilly-Yesterday

I was telling Eli Lilly ( EL ), a strange thing I had become aware of. I stated that I had read the obituary of the Doctor that figured out how to do artificial Insemination. That 5,000,000 children had been brought to life because of this Magic of Science. I had Wondered out loud to E L just how many were lost in the cause of abortion? As an off set to this. “Life is Living Mechanics,” he said. Only when everything is Known will other things be knowable from that.  The science-abortion issue is separated by mechanics. I stated that would mean it is at first breath to cause life. If one then so claimed that all these aborted babies souls went off to God and off to heaven or so forth. Then Where did the Other 5,000,000 new ones come from? You gotta love Lilly. He knows how to split hairs. He is One of 9 members to My Master Mind Group. It Is I


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