Crazy -The 2 Only 2 Types

A Grand Leader does not happen by accident.
A Grand Leader does not happen by accident.


There is your Kinda ” Crazy “. And There is My kinda ” Crazy “.  I know you’re ” Crazy  ” for sure When you’re being ” Crazy “. But I am Pretty Sure ” my ” Crazy ” is No big deal. With That said We are all ” Crazy ” in a ” Crazy ” kinda way, Everyone. Another Word is Where Some Kinda ” Crazy ” always. So let’s not take ourselves seriously. And Remember ” Crazy ” is not Detrimental to your Health, But a Lubricant used to your advantage through Personal Action.


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    1. How to Talk to A tree.  The best way to talk to a tree is to always remember that a Tree is Not a  Rock  and a Rock is not a River  and the River is never a Toad. A tree is a Tree and talks to it like it is So.


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