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Governor of Indiana Race 2012

rch. I refuse to be denied my opportunity to reach restitution. Your Sin against Children will never be forgiven by any form of clergy until you made amends to our city and to ourselves. You see 2 of us were raped that morning. God Has a Personal Hold on your personal immortality in his afterlife. Make amends Now while you can. I want my story known one way or another. It Is “I”. a serial Childhood rape survivor. I want 2 things. A life-size monument to 2 noble people placed at the new restroom facility in front of the city-county building. In honor of our lost childhood and trip through Hell on Earth. Eli Lilly​, Madam C. J. Walker. It Is “I”.

Does the Future come about because of our past?

P1050486When Life Began; There was no beginning, Only life Becoming. Time starts after that. It is ” I “.

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Have a special day for yourself. God, George Carlin And I had a nice time last night. I meet George Carlin in a Bar where he was Having a Drink. I sat on the stool next to him. I want to ask him if he remembered a Time that he meet with my Mirror Twin as he pumped gas on Sunset or Wiltshire Blvd. and the 405 during the gas shortage of Carter administration in 70,s. Before I could get the conversation started he said. I am meeting God. We’re going to the Movies. You want to come?…..I thought quickly and decided to bite. Off we went to the Wiltshire Boulevard. I keep a sharp eye out for God. Still no show. We were watching the movie when all the sudden I realized that Jesus showed up..Mumbling on about Dad and This and that complaint. I thought, DID GEORGE REALLY MEAN God>> DAD? A triangle? Without a warning, The movie became everything Somehow. We 4 became part of the thing. Walking through it as 4TH dimension viewpoint that are unable to be viewed.We were as God; He as us. I was With George.We walked toe to toe for a while. Both noticing everything, as the same, except everything kept repeating itself. Like Groundhog Day the movie, except. Faster. The same people keep watching the same movie the restaurant would let people out the side door only to have them walk to the front once again. Now that you think about it George did go get the Popcorn…Maybe the salt.So I keep up.As if all people everything was in a recurring cycle forever.Yet we walked threw talked and visited with hundreds. Non-realized their condition. How could this be? Who invented that dress? those slippers that Towel? Why could I not pinpoint this Ever Present god? We never did say a word to each other during the event. Never saw Jesus again. I wanted to ask him if he remembered me From My Sunset Boulevard Encounter with him in 1979. A reality check if you will. Is mankind frozen into a solid or sluggish soup? When the 2 of us walked into the night air and glow of the street light George said to me as he turned and walked away. Thanks For the memories Lonnie Darrel Harris.. I said But wait a second I am Donnie Harold Harris. His mirror Identical twin.Was this whole thing for him?When Lon Called out and Said to me, Am I too Late. I said I don’t Know what they put in there Popcorn In there But it is A most Enjoyable Show. Let’s Go. My pattern In hand. God, well He is everything. Has been all along. Like the wind Moves in Broad stroke. Individually. 2014 The year of us all.

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