Crazy -The 2 Only 2 Types

6:13pm ” Crazy -The 2 Only 2 Types. There is your Kinda ” Crazy “. And There is My kinda ” Crazy “.  I know you’re ” Crazy  ” for sure When you’… Source: Crazy -The 2 Only 2 Types…

Source: Crazy -The 2 Only 2 Types


In the beginning becomes air.

17th September, 2016 ANNUAL GLOBAL MEET IN AMAZING HONG KONG HOSTED BY THE HONG KONG ZOROASTRIAN ASSOCIATION Greetings from WZCC Folks, its once again time for our Annual Global Meet. Earlier our Global AGMs were held in Indian as well as Foreign locales, e.g. Houston, Tehran, Dubai, Singapore, Mumbai, Pune, Goa, etc. This year’s […]

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