universal rights

8. There is a God. Thank You for finally showing up. It is You. It Is “I”.


1.   It is “I” before anything else. Allow me to decide.                                                                        2. sex is creation. It is “I” that have the Right to create survival into the future.                         3. Creation, through nature, is Life. All life has a Right to survival. Changing the future does not create destruction of Life.                                                                                                   4. It is Family first and foremost in all of life. We are all family. Thier are other families as well. Cow horse butterfly. ECT.                                                                                                                       5. Everything is moving. Emotion is Moving Will. Emotion is a Higher state than logic. It is like a flash lite and a flood light. Emotion moves up and down like the temperature. When it is cold outside remember your underpants.                                                                                6. Everything has the rights above.                                                                                                               7. creation is the cause of something out of no-thing. Like magic discovery or invention. Religion is Magic.  Trying to make Heaven Out Of Hell. A black whole is a Womb.                          8. There is God. Thank You for finally showing up.       It Is “I”.

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