Government Work; How not to work.

First things; first. No eye contact. Signifies you are interested. Your not. Code 11c-23, revised by something else states no collaborating with the enemy.                                   Second. If caught off guard act busy real fast before you fall into the “trap of service”. Left unattended the public will end up wasting your WHOLE day in an endless request for attention.  Third. Never be like openly agreeing with the public in public about anything. If pushed into helping one of them. Alway Remember There may be other public listen for you to crack-up or actually help some one.No laugh or joking around. This is serious stuff. Sorting the mail and things.  Forth. No EMOTIONALISM under any circumstance. If the Public get emotional, duck and cover and call the police. Six. If all else fails to put up a good showing of trying to help until you get a chance to tell them to Hit The Road. If they persist with bright white teeth shining out to you as they request calmly…Can I please have some FUCKING SERVICE. You move back to the duck and cover step. Never I say Never allow any of the Public make you actually work for a living. The Nerve anyway.  What do you mean no pay raise this year Boss?