Lost In Martensville, Indiana; A Cow stole my truck.

I have decided That Cows are not very smart.  I was driving through Martinsville Indiana when I had a blowout. I was able to pull in next to a Cow pasture and some woods. I yelled out to the Cow, Hey Cow comes over here and changes my tire for me. I am in a hurry I need to get to Baxter Ymca for a meeting.  I waited two Hour hours on that Cow before I finally gave up and had to do it all by myself.  When you have you-you, have to So I told That Cow, Don’t you Move a Muscle, I will be right back Then I am going to give it to you. So I stepped just inside the woods Did my usually. Turned around and Found that Some how the Cow Had changed the forest a Little but I soon found my way out to where my car had been. The Cow had driven it off. Damn Thing. I knew it could have changed the tire if I waited longer. As I looked around, I could not figure out where all the hills and valley came from. And somehow the Cow had made the road disapear. Yes, this was the spot. After 2 days I decided to walk for a while. When 20 minutes later I spotted that Cow. Standing over in the same pasture as if nothing had happened. Damn thang even parked my car right back where it was. Cows are stupid That is for sure.