The Seven Lives I have lived.

There is “I” There is “EVERYTHING ELSE”.


We came into a vortex state of intense excitement. We landed about 200 feet in the air over the Planet when I was advised we could take no special effects along on this mission. There were 4 of us that came down together that day, 10,200 years ago. Hello, It is I Known through Time as “Zoroastra”. I am The Decider. Are you ready to Play?

Walking to the Moon

Survival of a mental illness is a Value, not a deficit.

That’s me with my finger in my ear.


The democratic way is to slow strip away your rights of Freedom for Others Ideals. Failing to accept that we are all not the same in all ways. Race Religion Nationality and Gender Answer that. I may be able to chew on my finger nail. But I can not chew on my Eye Ball. We are more different than the same.                                                                                                                                   The Republican way, on the other hand, want mass-produced cans of worms to be passed out for food stamps. “One mans can of worms is not another mans can of bait.”     They want no control of self but massive control over certain others. That they dictate by rule. A horrible way to get rid of the Prisons now built to House 1/3 Of the people by 1/6 of us as other 1/3 shakes  and  Bake them.   Control and lack of control cover,s everything with only 1/6 the people in the way.       Between these 2 parties, Giving common man has no long term chance outside of the lottery like luck. Unless we connect together as a unit in a union. Block by block neighbourhood by neighbourhood. Town by town. We must build a human future for all mankind and ALL living Things and systems. In the way of the old. “I”.Featured Image -- 464