Government Work; How not to work.

First things; first. No eye contact. Signifies you are interested. Your not. Code 11c-23, revised by something else states no collaborating with the enemy.                                   Second. If caught off guard act busy real fast before you fall into the “trap of service”. Left unattended the public will end up wasting your WHOLE day in an endless request for attention.  Third. Never be like openly agreeing with the public in public about anything. If pushed into helping one of them. Alway Remember There may be other public listen for you to crack-up or actually help some one.No laugh or joking around. This is serious stuff. Sorting the mail and things.  Forth. No EMOTIONALISM under any circumstance. If the Public get emotional, duck and cover and call the police. Six. If all else fails to put up a good showing of trying to help until you get a chance to tell them to Hit The Road. If they persist with bright white teeth shining out to you as they request calmly…Can I please have some FUCKING SERVICE. You move back to the duck and cover step. Never I say Never allow any of the Public make you actually work for a living. The Nerve anyway.  What do you mean no pay raise this year Boss?


US Army

When I Joined the Army, I was in great shape.    As stated in my letter 6-16-2011, The following happened to me During AIT Qualification course @ the end of the training to graduate. After I had been taken, a prisoner of war, and escaped, I had a head injury. While running to safety, I became estranged from my teammate, Reco Heighten, separating off. I had become terrified, running from the area. It was night time out. I was exhausted,  with bad feet. I spotted the edge of the cliff and stopped by sliding and falling backward Hitting my head. After, what seemed only a few minutes I became aware of someone walking up to me, Placing their feet two up to my two shoulders, as I laid on my back. Then a rat crawled up on my leg and upon to my chest. I then realised the person standing behind me had not moved any further. After I had summed up all my strength, I looked around. I got up and was very confused that they person had vanished.  I started to head into the area where we had been doing the four-day Course to no one around. I stopped at a couple of the fire barrels. They were cold. I had somehow lost 4 or so hours. After 30 minutes of running, I found the Road. Soon a lone truck spotted me. My Sargent was Real mad because he could not come into the base until all his men, could be accounted for as found. On the way back in that night, I would have my first Freezing experience. I feel as if I am about to go into higher thermic. My lungs in-Image (555)_copyTurn barely work. The headaches start right after. With pressure, like a cap placed on my head. Only Walking seem to help. I had been Raped as a teenage kid by a Marine before joining the service @ 15. When I went to the POW camp, I became Confused. I ran and hit my head. I have been depressed and afraid ever since then. With my advanced age, I am afraid to leave my house 90% of the time. The headaches come and go. I must start to move to get relief. By the time I Got out of the service in Dec 1973, I could feel nothing except headaches. I have tried for five years to get a copy of my Dental Outpatient care. I had 2 Root canal,  without any form of Medicine. This record could be used to show that I was very sick, and no one noticed. Because of my childhood, I learned not to complain. The dentist said he had never heard of anyone doing use a thing before.    Donnie Harold Harris. 5-20-2015

Life is Living Mechanics-Eli lilly-Yesterday

Featured Image -- 464Source: Life is Living Mechanics-Eli Lilly-Yesterday    For the $10.00 Bill; Madame Walker. Now this is an example of a Woman That is Perfect in all the Right Reasons to be considered for the New $10.00 Bill? It Is “I”.


The democratic way is to slow strip away your rights of Freedom for Others Ideals. Failing to accept that we are all not the same in all ways. Race Religion Nationality and Gender Answer that. I may be able to chew on my finger nail. But I can not chew on my Eye Ball. We are more different than the same.                                                                                                                                   The Republican way, on the other hand, want mass-produced cans of worms to be passed out for food stamps. “One mans can of worms is not another mans can of bait.”     They want no control of self but massive control over certain others. That they dictate by rule. A horrible way to get rid of the Prisons now built to House 1/3 Of the people by 1/6 of us as other 1/3 shakes  and  Bake them.   Control and lack of control cover,s everything with only 1/6 the people in the way.       Between these 2 parties, Giving common man has no long term chance outside of the lottery like luck. Unless we connect together as a unit in a union. Block by block neighbourhood by neighbourhood. Town by town. We must build a human future for all mankind and ALL living Things and systems. In the way of the old. “I”.Featured Image -- 464


When one pushes a block of wood under water, there is massive moment created all around it. If let go, it will Pop to the surface, easily controlled. Now way out there somewhere put up the tiniest string around the block. It will stay forever where it is. Think of the energy saved by not needing and Arm, or strength to control it. While using its stability.

Jesus; You Smart Ass.

I found myself with the Wonderful Rev. Harrison, and some of his lovely friends. WE were around a campfire outside the pearly Gates, Just outside of Heaven. Talking about recent events  @Planet Earth, United States of America, Down in Indiana, In a place called Indianapolis..HAPPENINGS.  . When the Sudden  Jesus walked up and sat between and my Friend The Good Reverend. I noticed Him turning White Like, then I could see through you. Jesus ask Us All, For why Have you Come so troubled to Here? I Explained to My Brother That Man has taken to attack his very own self. That the family is in need of Everything, The Job’s has turned Common Man into Sheep, That Sleep By Day and Disappear by Night, But the Larger, The corporations, the governments and the illest Have taken More and more Freedom away. Yet They Super Thrive as We divide, to more and more, smaller and smaller. Jesus Laught and said, My brother Have you forgot what our Father said to us? It is what seems to be right, That 2010-07-04%2520all is what is wrong? What is wrong cannot become Right on it is own. Then he did his Usual Smacked the shit out of My left Leg. Got up, as everyone around the campfire Trembled and Hissed. He quickly and magically got up and started to walk away, When I turned And said. Jesus, You Smart Ass. It Is “I”. a common man.